A drink with Jeff I Paul Nunnari

In Campbelltown Catholic Clubs' A Drink with Jeff series, Campbelltown Catholic Club community liaison Jeff McGill has been catching up with a diverse selection of club identities. This time, he caught up with Paralympian Paul Nunnari.

Racing wheelchairs, with their carbon fibre frames and aerodynamic design, are an engineering marvel. But equipment alone does not set Paul Nunnari apart. Nor does his steely determination or muscle-bound arms . I reckon it’s his grace.

What was clear, however, was how “at home” Paul feels at Aquafit. As we grabbed the narrow window seat overlooking Rydges, The Cube, and the Catho, Paul climbed onto the seat and positioned his chair to support his legs as he leaned back looking relaxed.

I asked him how often he visited Aquafit.

“Pretty much every day,” he shot back with a grin. “I try to train every day, mostly at evenings, but sometimes I also squeeze in a session during the day.”

For Paul, I suspect the gym is not just a place to build muscle or burn calories. It is a place of focus, where he can push himself to be his very best. A place where every drop of sweat reaffirms the notion that anything is possible.

Paul, himself, points to the facility itself and its staff. “I’ve trained in a lot of gyms over the decades, and I have come to the conclusion that Aquafit is one of the best gyms — if not THE best gym — I’ve ever trained in. The fact they’ve got a pool here is a bonus. But the real difference is the staff, always so helpful and supportive.

“Other gyms I’ve been to, people don’t register. I mean, you’re just someone who is using their equipment. But here, I see the staff truly interact with members. People matter.”


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