It's time to Live Stronger!


Living Stronger is a safe and quality controlled strength training program using a combination of free weights and weight machines, specifically designed for people over 65. The program is designed to build muscle mass and increase bone density as well as improve strength, balance, gait, flexibility and coordination.

You'll receive an individual assessment and a personalised program tailored to your specific needs and goals to complete with the support of your qualified personal trainer during our group training sessions - a great opportunity to gain strength and socialise.

Is this program right for me?


If you answer yes to any of the below this program will be a great fit...

Do you find it difficult to walk long distances of climb the stairs?

Do you get tired quickly and feel lacking in energy?

Do you suffer from arthritis, diabetes or osteoporosis?

Do you have difficulty lifting things during your daily tasks?

Are you prone to falling?


Classes run Monday to Thursday at various times. Enquire for current availability.


Bookings can be made at Aquafit Reception.


Initial Assessment fee $55

Annual Follow Up Assessment $25

Classes $6/ class or buy our 10 Class Pass for $55 (save $5)

All payments are made at Aquafit Reception

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