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Outdoor Training Area

Train in the great outdoors at Aquafit

Aquafit now boasts a purpose built outdoor training space located behind the pools at Aquafit opposite Campbelltown Art Gallery. The new space, which features a large astro-turfed area, complete with obstacles and climbing apparatus, provides the perfect opportunity to try something new with your training.

Access to the Outdoor Training Area

Aquafit Members are able to access this area for their training during centre operating hours - you will just need to visit Reception to sign in and grab a token before heading down and starting your workout. For specific guidelines on the use of the area, please read see the section below.

Join our Small Group Training Program

More comfortable training in a group? Join one of our Impact Small Group Training Programs - you'll get great support from a qualified personal trainer, experience a wide variety in your training and enjoy the extra motivation that comes along with training in a group environment. If you're not already a member at Aquafit don't worry - you can still joining for Outdoor sessions under Small Group Training Program. Click here to find out more.

Outdoor Training Area Guidelines

Aquafit’s Outdoor area is provided for the sole use of Aquafit members. We ask that you please comply with the following:

  • Independent training by Aquafit members in the outdoor area can only be conducted during usual Aquafit trading hours
  • Before using this area, you MUST first register at Aquafit Reception to obtain a token to use the outdoor area independently. This token should be returned when you have finished your training
  • Use of the Outdoor facility outside of usual Aquafit trading hours is not permitted.
  • Members only have access to the use of the Outdoor area. Members are not entitled to exercise in this area with non-members
  • Aquafit Group Training sessions, and Personal Trainers have priority for use of this space. Please regularly check the timetable to determine when these sessions are being held
  • Independent training cannot be conducted whilst an Aquafit group exercise class is in progress
  • You are welcome to use the fixed equipment installed in this area for your own training. Due to safety regulations however, we ask that you do not bring any other additional training equipment to use whilst you are exercising in this area
  • Additional training equipment may only be used in this area if it forms part of an organised group activity, or an Aquafit personal training session with a trainer
  • Food and drink (with the exception of water) are not permitted in this area
  • No glass bottles or glass containers are to be taken into this area
  • This area is not intended for use by children unless they are taking part in a specialised Aquafit session
  • Appropriate covered exercise clothing must be worn at all times, including appropriate footwear. Shirts or singlets must be worn at all times
  • Members must use the facilities fully, in accordance with the notices posted. Any misuse or abuse of equipment, facilities or rules may result in disciplinary action or suspension or cancellation of membership

Coming Soon

As the weather heats up we planning on offering a more diverse range of programs in our new Outdoor Training area. This will include some exciting developments to our FitKidz program, as well as a range of sessions from Yoga in the fresh air, through to the more hard core Warrior X-Fit training. There will be something to suit everyone!