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  • The Results are in - Summer 60 Day Challenge 2019

    17 April, 2019

    The results from our most recent 60 Day Challenge are in!

    Our Summer 60 Day Challenge 2019 launched on Monday 11 February 2019 and saw 84 people embark on a new health and fitness journey. The Challenge provided a fully supported personalised diet and exercise program to help in achieving each participants health and fitness goals. 

    After 60 days of hard work, both in and out of the gym, the results are in and the numbers below are truly fantastic...


    Leaving the incredible numbers aside, our favourite part of the Challenge has been the support we have seen within the group. It's been great to see so many new friendships made during the Challenge. This really is what sets Aquafit apart from other facilities - our community is so welcoming and encouraging of one another. We think it really makes a difference when you have a likeminded group of people supporting each other to achieve their goals. 


    Challenge Winners

    We are proud to announce that our WINNER is the incredible Gavin Hyde. 

    Gavin's results include a weight loss of 14.6kg, 5.2% body fat reduction and 48cm shredded from his girths - WOW! He has been a huge encouragement to all involved and an active promoter of "just doing your best, and staying consistent" - it's been a pleasure working with you Gav 💪

    Gavin will also take home a $1,000 Travel Voucher as our Challenge Winner. 

    Our Runner Up this round is the wonderful Gemma Davidson. Gemma has lost 11.1kg, reduced 5.6% body fat, and is looking and feeling great. Gemma you have been a pleasure to train, and we are so proud of your results.

    As our runner up, Gemma has won 4 weeks of unlimited access to our IMPACT Small Group Training Program and a $100 voucher to Kyubi Modern Asian Dining Voucher.

    We do also have some special mentions that we need to acknowledge for some other incredible results and transformations including our wonderful receptionist Audrey Bates, along with Caleb Semeri, Wendy Byrne, Chrystal Patrice & Maureen Kadry.  We have a small gift for you also!


    Metabolic Jumpstart

    The nutrition side of the Challenge was facilited by Matt O'Neill via his Metabolic Jumpstart program. This provided a cutting edge nutrition system, plus training to assist participants to achieve their goals and improve their lifestyle.


    It's been a pleasure seeing the transformation of all our Challenge participants and know that they are finishing the Challenge with a positive outlook, new found confidence and tools to best apply training and nutrition for long term success.

    If you're ready to start on your own weight loss journey, or want to talk about setting goals and mixing up your training routine, please speak to Reception or one our Trainers - we're here to help!



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