About Metabolic Jumpstart and Matt O'Neill

Who is Matt O'Neill?

Matt O’Neill is one of Australia's top Dietitians and Nutritionists, a regular on Channel 7's Sunrise and the creator of MetabolicJumpstart.com. He is also the Weight Loss Coach for Men's Health Magazine (Aust) and his trusted advice has helped millions of people enhance their diet, wellbeing and body shape.

We've teamed up with Matt and Metabolic Jumpstart to deliver our 60 Day Challenge!

Re-program your metabolism

The truth is that most diet programs out there do more damage to your metabolism than good. The weight loss market is full of  lies, confusion and broken promises.

Now, it’s time to fix this... it’s time for a Metabolic Jumpstart.

We’ve had amazing success optimising metabolism through a unique system of matching the correct calories and correct balance of food groups for each person’s metabolism and desired results. 

By targeting hormones and eating habits, we fix what previous diets have broken and what other programs can’t sustain. 

This is a real, natural food plan with no fads. ‘Jumpstarters’ say Metabolic Jumpstart is surprisingly simple and flexible.

Personalised Targets

Your Diet Plan & Report

In partnership with Aquafit you’ll get a clear plan to follow to optimise your metabolism and build a nutrient rich diet that you can stick to.

In your report: 

  • Body shape assessment and metabolic rate figures
  • Personal calorie burning times for specific foods
  • Sample menu plan showing correct meals and snacks
  • Nutrition targets for kJ, calories, fat, protein and carbs
  • Ready Reckoner with food group exchange targets
  • Mix & Match food guide with my easy-to-follow rules

Downloadable tools to stay on target:

  • Daily Target Cards to keep you on track 
  • Fridge Cards for Appetite, Effort and Mood
  • The Metabolic Jumpstart Shopping List

Weekly coaching advice:

  • Website access with weekly emails
  • Discussion forum to ask questions
  • 100’s of food FAQs

Club Support

By joining Aquafit's 60 Day Challenge, your Metabolic Jumpstart Club Membership is included. Receive ongoing support direct from Matt during the Challenge.

  • Over 400 recipes, all with MJ Exchanges
  • Over 1000 brand name foods
  • 20 Audio mind-shift coaching seminars
  • Over 100 Tip sheets for every challenge
  • Expert interviews on key topics
  • Articles to inform and inspire
  • Downloadable tools, posters and more
  • Weekly MJ Club eNews with new content